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Massing model.

Diagrid Anamoly

In conventional diagrid structures, the diagrid is not self-standing; the structural integrity of the system stems from the triangulation between the diagrid - the lattice members on the façade - and the floor plate edge beams, forming an exoskeleton that withstands lateral and vertical loads. The term diagrid thus only describes one half of a two-part system.

The proposed boat house explores the deformation of a diagrid system The concentric dual façade structure liberates the floor plates from the typical Dom-Ino model and allows fluid forms. The result comprises five interlocking spiral volumes bracing onto the diagrids. To account for the formal irregularity, the outer diagrid structure is reconfigured through vertical deformation, allowing the inner volumes to snap in place and generating the needed structural triangulation.

Parti diagram.

Assembly details.



Fragment model.