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Massing model on site.

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The new Interborough Express is anticipated to catalyze the urban growth around Brooklyn’s Broadway Junction, signaling a shift from the use of private vehicles to pedestrian traffic and public transportation. In the project, this prospect translates to two phases responding to the short-term need for parking infrastructure to replace street parking and improve pedestrian environment, and the long-term densification of the transit hub.

In its first 10 years of use, the project functions as a vehicular infrastructure, providing bus transit and designated food truck areas on the ground floor and 400 parking spaces on the upper floors. At this stage, the project stands purely as a tectonic skeleton. The circular form reinmagines the intrusive scale of parking facilities by shrinking the floor plates into a linear spiral with minimal needed dimensions. The serrated building profile discretizes the doubly-curved ramp, which facilitates precast assembly and primes the structure for the phase two infills.

Massing model top view.

Overall section diptyque showing both phases.
The second phase begins as the Interborough Express starts to dilute the use of private cars and the new pedestrian network leads to commercial and residential density. The project undergoes an additive process that interiorizes the floor area to create housing units and a groundfloor hub that accommodates Interborough Express stops. The platforming of the apartment units in the relation to the existing ramp yields a system of crawl space for utility packages, effectively allowing the housing units to share the same thermal membrane across floors. A series of vine netting on the serrated periphery of the building the ETFE roofing over the atrium provide varying levels of shade throughout the groundfloor and the residence corridors.

While the project is prescribed a two-phase timeline predicated on the conditions of Broadway Junction, the proposed model of indeterminacy allows for reversal, further aggregation, or complete disassembly.
Parking / housing typical plan.
Parking / housing ground floor plan.

Parking / housing section oblique.
Groundfloor transit hub transformation.
Typical unit transformation.

Structural model.