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View of façade.


In contrary to to the quintessential hyper dense warren typology in Texas Medical Center, the rehabilitation center takes on an unsual degree of porosity. The plan is divided into zones of differing levels of openness and humidity, a system predicated on the restorative effects of open air.

The medical programs are compactly organized into five islands around which linear patios demarcate the building periphery. This juxtaposition generates an interiorized system of campus grounds to offset the lack of social infrastructure in TMC.  Located in the southern prairie of the campus, the project naturally becomes a part of the green detention system. The thickened roofscape not only provides another social space for the patients, but also increases the detention capacity with the stormwater capture system.

Ground floor plan in relation to floodplains.

(Top to bottom) roof plan, 3rd floor plan, 2nd floor plan.


Detailed section.

View of patio.